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Owned by Sexual Symbol, Flirtatious is a large news oriented section where you can post news about adult porn or cartoon porn. It holds many areas which makes it easy for you to deliver the news you want, how you want it. Give out news about everything that has to do with all of the adult industry!

The News
Give out news about the latest adult games, the most recent adult comics, your personal favorite adult movie series, pornstar information or pornstar events. Let people get into the know of what is going on and where so everyone can be aware, or create a topic to get more information on it from other members!

The Lists
Create a list of different adult porn oriented topics to talk about, then break it down one by one with your own thoughts for others to read. Embrace the topics that everyone is talking about or the ones no one dares to mention, then get comments and feedback about each topic from members!

The Videos
Create news about the latest adult movies out there, or the adult movies you enjoy the most. Let everyone know what are your thoughts on the adult movie series, or what to expect before watching without giving out spoilers. Talk about those old adult movies and give your ideas about them, or hit the newest adult movies head-on and give your opinion on it and see what others of the site thinks!

The Music
Share your music or your personal favorite bands, create your own band or solo DJ albums and share them with others. Create news about every music band out there, or bands that have been probably long forgotten. Give ideas to how to create the best soundtrack, or ask for pointers on how to become the best you can be in the music world with others all right here!

The Polls
Adds polls to see what adult content you believe is worthy, members can vote and let you know what they think. Post pornstar polls to figure out who people truly love the most, or make adult game polls and see what all the members find being the best. Compare adult clothing or items and pit them one against the other to see which one is really best for you or other members, all this can be done with a simple add of a poll!

The Quizzes
Challenge members to see who really knows the facts about pornstars, adult video games or characters by pitting them into a quiz created by you. Test hardcore and die-hard fans of the adult industries by letting them know for sure if they really are as smart as they think they are, or try to confuse them with different multiple choices to determine just how up to date they are with the topic you decide to use. Let them figure out who knows the most or who knows the least, in the end one can learn something they did not really know after they taken your quiz!